About Our Farm

Chicken Exodus

A Small Family Farm

Secret Spring is a diversified family farm on Bainbridge Island. We’re restoring a small plot of land — clearing blackberries and scotch broom, removing collapsed buildings, and bringing new life to the old land.

Our hillside is covered in terraced garden beds; our vegetables run from asparagus to fenugreek with raspberries and grapevines growing nearby.

To augment the ancient orchard still standing on the land, we’ve planted young trees — apples, pears, cherries, and more.

Meet the Farmers

Sunset over Finn Hollow

Our Vision

We believe that agriculture is best when done on a small, even neighborhood scale — that local food has an important role in community as well as being good for the environment.

Increased industrialization of food production and distribution may be the global norm, but we have confidence that food grown with love by people you know is a better option. We see the importance of knowing where and how your food was grown — not by gleaming metal machines or in vast vats, but by real people on the same island you call home.

Animal Companions

The horses and mules inspired us to move out of the city. Every day we appreciate having room to share the land with them, to care for them, and enjoy their steady companionship.
Farm-Bred Chicken Slaking Thirst
One of the joys of farming is being surrounded by animals of all shapes and sizes. Our flock of chickens are a source of constant entertainment — drama, tragedy and comedy superior to any television.

Moving to the farm gave our cats a renewed sense of purpose when patrolling for local rodents. Gnarled apple boughs make good spy posts, chickens are good to chase (until they chase back), and hiding spots are plentiful.