Late Summer Sunsets

Bainbridge Island Sunset

Sunset over Finn Hollow.

As summer considers handing the reins to autumn, we’re still getting a few magnificent sunsets on those occasions when the clouds don’t engulf the sky. Today’s sunset was a lovely elegy for a beautiful late summer day.

Bainbridge Island Sunset

Yesterday's sun sets on Bainbridge Island.


Caught in a squall again
I’m clearing blackberries from fence lines
Rain and twilight arrive in unison

Sweeping damp strands from my forehead
I loiter beneath tangled hawthorn boughs
The farm turns silver and sepia


Summer's Sweetness

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes

Sungold cherry tomatoes on the vine.

Summer’s still lingering, but the telltale signs are here. Apples have been falling in droves. Grass is tall and golden where we haven’t gotten to mowing. Tomatoes have been hanging fat and ripe on the vines for more than a month. Autumn is imminent.

Bowl of Cherry Tomatoes

Bowl of cherry tomatoes.

Sola harvested more than two gallons of tomatoes a couple days ago — promising caprese salad, pico de gallo, dried tomatoes and more. Today’s project is the dried tomatoes.

Closeup of Cherry Tomatoes

Closeup of cherry tomatoes.

We’re beginning the process now, laying our radiant rows of Sungold, Sweet 100, and other cherry tomatoes. We’ll be enjoying the summer even when the weather is long gone.

Wheel of Cherry Tomatoes

Wheel of cherry tomatoes.


Ducklings (2 Weeks Later)

2 Week-Old Ducklings and Mama Duck

2 Week-Old Ducklings with Mama Duck.

I took these photos just over a week ago, when we’d first un-cloistered the ducklings from their daytime shelter. They’ve grown a great deal, looking much less like fuzzy little peepers and much more like bonafide ducks. Since rejoining the chickens and ducks in the farmyard, they’ve largely managed to hold their own (earlier today I saw a duckling chasing a chicken) — though the drake remains a little too interested and has argued quite a bit with mama duck. Perhaps he’s just surprised that they all seem to be taking after him, with grey plumage all over their bodies.

2 Week-Old Ducklings

2 Week-Old Ducklings in tall grass.